School ABA Training Benefits from Natural Environment Teaching

Many school systems today are looking into ABA training programs to help treat and teach children with an autism spectrum disorder.  Schools are seeing significant rises in the number of autistic students that are enrolling, which is leading to better teaching methods for many school systems.  ABA therapy is the most commonly used treatment in school environments and is the most widely respected form of autism treatment.  There are many facets to this training, all of which combine to offer children an excellent chance of living up to their full potential.

While a large percentage of ABA training takes place in the home or in a classroom environment, natural environment training is an important part of ABA therapy.  This facet of treatment involves teaching outside of the standard discrete trial teaching methods.  In short, it involves teaching skills and concepts where they occur or are used naturally, helping the child to understand them more fully.  For example, if you are trying to explain the concept of rain to a child, picture cards may explain it in such a sense that the word itself is understood, but a venture outside on a drizzly day can help the concept itself to become real for a child.

Natural environment teaching is especially important for students with an autism spectrum disorder simply due to the fact that the learning process is different.  Where most children learn by inferring things from behavior and observation, children with autism need to see a concept in action to fully understand it.  This is not a sign that intelligence is lacking, but simply that learning takes place in a different manner.

ABA therapy works over time to rewire nerve synapses in the brain that are responsible for learning and comprehension.  This means that over time and with intensive training, children can literally learn to think differently.  This offers significant hope for schools, parents, and the children themselves and impresses upon everyone the importance of continued and proper training and education.

Training and teaching using ABA offers children the chance to function in a standard social environment.  The skills learned using this method are lifelong and can make a significant impact on a student’s quality of life.  All schools need an effective form of autism treatment that can be used in a classroom and at home.  When this training is coupled with natural environment training, the results are simply astonishing.

About gbutch
My name is Garrett Butch and I am the father of a child with autism and the founder of Maximum Potential Group. My wife and I started our company to empower parents and schools to learn how to provide ABA therapy to their children and students. After spending $100,000 on therapy over the past 4 years, we wanted to share our knowledge and help those who do not have the financial resources and for those who do not live near qualified therapists.

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